Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Juan Williams is wrong

There are two reasons here pertaining to why I object to Juan Williams's response to his dismissal.

One, it is a fight he can not win. He is, like the Eagles sang, 'already gone.' Trying to talk your ex-girlfriend into loving you again never works. Forget about doing it with complaints and vague threats of litigation.

Two, he is so clearly wrong. Let me see if I have the basic elements of the situation: JW (Juan) is a prominent on-air personality hired for his skill at speaking and respected for his intelligence at same. JW says something ridiculous looks stupid and refuses to recant. JW is let go. JW cries about it from the hilltops. Is that about it?

Let's put it in a lottery context. The numbers are about the same:

JW goes on the air and gets all excited because he found a lottery ticket. He even mentions it during an on-air interview. Afterwards, his boss calls him in

Boss  --   "What the hell is going on? Why is a lottery ticket getting air time?

JW  --       "Well, JW says, "I might win enough to quit my job and write full
                 time for FOX!"

Boss --    "Did you win?"

JW   --      "No, but every time I see one of those tickets I get all excited! I
                 mean, you never know!"

Boss   --    "Here, Juan. Here's a couple of tickets. Take the next few days off.
                  You look tired....and stupid."

That being said, I hope everybody buys into Tuesdays Mega Millions. One Hundred Eighteen Million Slama Jammas for my Baby Mama!

Oh and Juan, really, man, I hope I have it wrong. I have listened to you for years and learned and learned and learned. Thank you thank you thank you. You have clearly worked your ass off, and that can't have been easy. I know you will land on your feet. You have as they say MAD SKILLS for broadcasting, you look good and you are smart as a whip. How about something on the Internet? Say ANYTHING you want! No holds barred! Let that big brain fly! This was just a dust up, but it was YOUR dust up and you should own up to it. The ratio of dangerous terrorists to practicing Muslims is about the same as winning lottery tickets to losers. Get some perspective.

I am a teacher

I want my guitar
I want my harmonicas
I want my paper, paints, brushes, books and pencils
I want to use music and drawing to write and to teach

I am scared like crazy about my next classroom – because of my last

I didn't get back up on the horse and now it is a giant
Eisner spoke of an artist who made
tiny men who couldn't ride their giant horses
and giant men without horses their size to mount
which am I
growing, I hope to one, the other, a third, perhaps
I am a writer
I am a teacher
God Damn! Let me get to it!

Respect for your enemies

On my headstone/crypt/final email message: from McCallister statue by SF city hall) "a fearless advocate and a courteous foe"
Micheal Eisner has some good things to say about going to camp and teamwork
Adolf Hitler had some good ideas that we live by today (Olympics, freeways, rocket science, media manipulation). To ignore this is to live the edict of repeating the past by ignoring it.

Deniro in "AWAKENINGS" : "...learn, learn, learn, learn, LEARN!!"