Thursday, August 29, 2013

Watch out for gay behavior. Call the cops if you see any.

Watch out for gay behavior. Call the cops if you see any.

From TheAdvocate.Com:

"Increase your vigilance when you talk to your neighbors, when you are checking your mail and in elevators," the notice says, according to a translation. "You can easily become a target of homosexual propaganda. There is one step from being homosexual and to start propaganda of homosexualism and molesting decent people."

August 29, 2013
Moscow, Russia
Soon to your backdoor

No pun intended

Watch out for gay behavior. Call the cops if you see any.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gardena News "Burning Man to Humanity - Welcome Home"

Shelled out a quarter for this week's GARDENA VALLEY NEWS and got my playa on without even tryin':

Burning Man to Humanity - "Welcome Home"

Thursday evening the Sun enters the disciplined Virgo, sign of gestating new states of consciousness. And always in time for Burning Man (Monday, the 26 to Sept. 2), the radical arts community/temporary metropolis, in the playas of Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Burning Man, with its ethos (spirit) of freedom and culture organically begun in 1986 in San Francisco, is a field of survival (it's 107 degrees) amidst creation -- together building the new world. It's irrational, primal, celbratory -- procession of humanity, days and nights of gritty dust under the Sun and stars, indiviually in communion. It's build, burn, dismantle -- leave no trace. It is a shared community with rules, laws, ordinances, precepts and Principles.

Here are the 10 Principles. they could define each of us, were we courageous enough to live by them. Burning Man is an experiment -- someday reality for everyone. The Ten Principles -- 1) Inclusion; 2) Gift giving (unconditional); 3) No commercialization; 4) Relying on inner resources; 5) Self-expression; 6) Communal effort, community values, creative cooperation/collaboration; 7) Civic responsibility for public welfare, respecting laws; 8) Respect of environment, leaving theh environment in a better state; 9) Participation, Open heart -- Beingness through doing-ness. Everyone working, playing, makes the world real through actions that open the heart; 10) Immediacy -- relating to the moment, to those around us, contact with the natural world, no barriers.

Burning Man is a n ongoing work of performance art.

Burning Man to humanity -- "Welcome Home".


(reprinted from Gardena Valley News
Esoteric Astrology
p. 10
who knew?

Burning Man to Humanity - "Welcome Home"

Re Miley Cyrus MTV VMA Performance plus Onion

Re Miley Cyrus MTV VMA Performance plus Onion

Miley Cyrus danced on stage, took off her clothes and displayed strong sexual behavior. Miley started out as a little girl in a Disney show and she has grown out of that role.

It has been suggested that this is not newsworthy.

I agree that a random dance from a marginal celebrity is probably not a significant event given the flow of poison water from Fukijapa, war in Syria, drugs other people use, limited garbage service and animal abuse.

But, I also disagree that it is insignificant.

Conversation is our main, individual tool to connect with our neighbors, friends and community, and reinforce with cultural cement the world we pass on to the next guardians. Events like this that focus our national attention are extremely transient and need to be seized for the rarities that they are. Like the shrink said:

"It's not the thing. It's how you FEEL about it."

Focusing on Miley's dance gives us a national starting point to discuss many issues, not limited to sex, hero worship, a spectator/consumer society, and the nature and value of art. Turns out a lot of us have strong feelings about this. If we can listen without judging to the thoughts and touchy-feely expressions that sometimes agree, sometimes conflict with our own, we might learn something about the world outside of our comfort zone.

For what are we here for, anyway? Just to echo and resonate with experiences that mirror our own? Or to be exposed to many, varied expressions and from them to filter, extract, and yes, judge what we choose to include in our own tight little worlds.

This event -- as distasteful or boring as you may find it -- is a touchstone for sexual morality in this country. The people who object strongly to MCs performance and to MTV for airing it are the same people who are dragging their feet and refusing to adapt to changing conditions in the 21st century. Aaron Sorkin described them recently in The Newsroom as "the small minority that doesn't like sex."

He goes on to wonder why the 99% of us who do like sex (probably more like 99.999%) have to cowtow to the tiny group that is offended not only by sexual ideas that conflict with their own, but any acknowledgement of sex whatsoever.

Personally, I am offended by Brooke Shields, Mika the converted Russian chick on MSNBC, and anyone who would fit Miley for an extended mental reprogramming treatment based on this display of youthful rebellion and sexuality. Kid music (and most of art) is devoted to sex, anyway. If a video show DEDICATED AND FOUNDED in a culture of youthful sexual rebellion isn't the place to air this, please show me what is.

But we already know the answer to this one, right."Nowhere. No time. Off of my and my kids radar. Away from me."

Well as one who struggles with 21st century morality let me suggest to the naysayers that the best way to make Miley go away is not to go on TV and tell everyone how bad and sick you think she is. Just turn off the damn set, put down your oar, and stop rowing the freaking boat.

Now get back to work.

Oh yeah. Some links, including The Onions response

Re Miley Cyrus MTV VMA Performance plus Onion
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus at VMAs

Miley Cyrus at VMAs

Way more shocking than Miley's dance is the knee-jerk response of on screen talent like Mika Brezinski of MSNBC. Highlights are noted in the attached Mediaite link, and include sad and typical reactions like Elvis used to get sixty years ago.

Ms. B shares with us her views and they are typical of the time. A growing group of Americans are dealing with the new century and all the changes and adaptations that are required to be in it with fear, and cringing and nostalgia. Nothing could be more damaging or hopeless. It is beyond deck-chair arranging. It is more John Travolta flying 100 of his clique from LA to Florida when over Dallas, the plane suddenly runs out of fuel. Instead of checking the guages and finding a place to set down, Travolta begins praying to L Ron Hubbard and calling his attorney to sue the plane manufacturers.

Actually, Miley looked kinda hot...

But I guess the point here is one about sex, sexy behavior and the right to object to it should not be basis for mental illness diagnoses and incarceration. The loose talk about Miley is just that and should be stapled to the foreheads of those who are pushing it and saying it about this little non-issue.

Here's an idea. If you don't like the show, don't watch it, Mika.

Miley Cyrus at VMAs

Monday, August 12, 2013

Working 24/7

Working 24/7

I like to fish for my students' enthusiasm by asking what they want. After the initial "No school," Lamborghini, and pile of money fantasy statements, they will occasionally respond to the "Why?" follow up.

Why? What then? And all the subsequent follow ups that I address to myself always end up with fun being the ulitmate goal.

I am always surprised when others don't mirror the same response, and feel deeply that it is just lazy thinking. What COULD be more important than wild, reckless enjoyment of life and living? I truly think it is our highest purpose. But it takes work and planning. 24/7, roughly.

The "why" at the end of security is fun. Same for money, and ditto for ethical behavior. If you're a dick, you have less fun.

So, when I advocate working hard, I am talking about sprinting, not jogging. Crank 24 hours per week, 7 months out of the year, and you will have lots of fun for the time remaining, and energy, too.

DD out

Working 24/7

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hawthorne, CA Walmart protest 8/9/13 - 11 am

Hawthorne, CA Walmart protest 8/9/13 - 11 am

Feel free to join in, or honk support. We will be broadcasting live on Blog Talk Radio show, Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas. Archived on Blogger at Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas, too.

Right next to the Del Taco in between Marine and Rosecrans on Inglewood Boulevard in beautiful Hawthorne, California. This town is growing, adapting, and dealing with 21st century economic realities and we don't need Walmart at all! Every single thing they sell here is available at a competing local business which is suffering under the competitive weight of gargantuan Walmart's unwanted presence.

Feel free, too, to let your elected representatives know what you think about your community and Walmart's history of killing local businesses. Links below may help some.

Archived on Blogger at Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas, too.

Namaste, people! And get back to work!

DD out

Elected representatives for this area include, but are not limited to:

 Congressional Representatives:

     Maxine Waters

     Henry Waxman

Governor Jerry Brown

Senator Diane Feinstein

Senator Barbara Boxer

President Barak Obama 

Project Vote Smart for your neighborhood. 

Planning my upcoming Walmart Protest. Any thoughts?
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  • Christian Castanedo likes this.
  • Douglas John Douglas They pay so little that LOTS of their employees need welfare to survive.
  • Douglas John Douglas A new Walmart opened up close to my home in Hawthorne and I am going to do something to demonstrate how pissed I am about that.
  • Douglas John Douglas Maybe I will do live broadcast of my Friday morning radio show from the Walmart parking lot!,0,7131028.story
    Thirty workers walked off the job Wednesday at the warehouse of a luggage suppli...See More
  • Cheryl Williamson Isn't it "funny" that companies can put up cameras to spy on their own workers and even fire them because they talk to each other... I wonder, How much do the camera's cost?? versus cleaning out air ducts, putting in better ventilation, have good drinking water, just an overall Healthier work place.... Walmart is a big Lie!! When it first got here in America, they were suppose to sell only American made products, Can't find anything American made there... So think about all of those Pesticides, Germicides, and every other chemical's that may have or should have been sprayed on to these products. Not to mention, truck and forklift fumes...These companies know you are poor and can't hire Lawyers They do NOT want people to band together, People have forgotten how hard it was and how hard it was for the unions to fight for better working conditions.... It looks like Walmart is dragging it all backwards.
  • Douglas John Douglas Yes, CW, I think the union angle is my godson's point of attack. I am more concerned with it being shortsighted from a consumer point of view. Walmart saves us a few bucks, and we can purchase many things in one location, but it undercuts all the competition, which are our friends and neighbors from our community. Then they charge whatever they like. I want the Walmart clients to consider that saving a few dollars may not be serving their best interests.
  • Douglas John Douglas Also important to both of us, is the "injustice factor." The reality that our money from the Walmart registers is going into the already vast, almost incalculable wealth of the top ten heirs to Sam Walton. So far, I am unimpressed with their money management skills. I think a little more "Bill Gates Style" philanthropy might keep the picket sign out of my hands.
  • Douglas John Douglas Anyway, this Friday, from 11:00 am to noon, the two of us will be on the sidewalks the Walmart clients will drive past on their way to park. Hopefully we can spur on some thought and some conversation. Wish us luck!
  • Douglas John Douglas Walmart on Inglewood Ave in Hawthorne, CA.

Also linked at Commander Nineteen at Blogger.

Hawthorne, CA Walmart protest 8/9/13 - 11 am

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Did Ye Gather Ye Rosebuds, Scott Weiland? (Giant Buzzkill Warning)

Did Ye Gather Ye Rosebuds, Scott Weiland?

From Pearl concert review June, 2013:

"...A loud siren rang before the band’s encore. It was a warning to fans to lower expectations."

Total concurrance for Viper show 8/3/13 in Hollywood, with these small addendae:

Lowering expectations would have really helped general enjoyment of the show, but about half of the massively overed crowd seemed to have a pretty good time anyway. 

What the fuck with letting 500 people in this god damn place? 

Adjustment to expectations seemed to help the warm up acts, which both eclipsed Team Weiland for continuity and purpose. First, a guy trying to look like the Depeche Mode Guy sang pretty good in a Black  Crowes kinda way several unidentified songs while talking up Weiland's history and influence. (Hindsight: Best Band of The Night By Far. They had a little fun, and their drummer kicked a little ass. Less when we realized she was a guy.)

They were followed by some guys from Sweden, fronted by a guy that looked like the guitarist from Road House, the main differences being that this guy couldn't play, couldn't sing, and wasn't blind. They, (ahem) SUCKED ASS, but did a good job occupying the physical space left by Weiland being nowhere near ready. 

By the time Weiland took the stage around midnight, I was ready to end my sobriety. But it was like, "I have been doing it for so long. Why stop now?" Had my clasutrophobia been a little more medicated, I may have well bailed for the Sunset concert to check on why I hate Linkin Park so much, but I stayed. 

Mr. Weiland may be employing the same logic to our detriment. The band he fronted was pretty tight, with occasional strong licks from lead guitarist Steve Jones of Sex Pistols fame. But the clearly-no-longer-young Mr. Weiland was incredibly invasive and destructive of any moments of continuity his mates may have established. 

Scott Weiland had long been a shining city on a hill of late 20th century rock stars. he partied, he carved a line through the media, and he clearly struggled with existing on earth. He had a good run, but it is clearly over. My hopes for him remain high. I hope you got lots of flowers, sir, and that you find something else to do with what is left of your creativity. 

Did Ye Gather Ye Rosebuds, Scott Weiland?