Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Jesse Can't Swim

Jesse Can't Swim

When JJ was running for president in 72, there was humor with the ridicule:

Jesse Jackson on a press boat in the middle of the Red Sea Dead Sea Mediterranean, whatever. He's on a boat with reporters, the pope and Netanyahu.

Pope's hat blows off away from the boat. Jesse hops out; walks across the water and hands the pontiff back his topdeck.

The headlines read: "Jesse can't swim."

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Best science lesson ever:

If the Earth were a grape, the Moon would be 16 inches away.

The Sun - 163 yards away.

Jupiter - a little under half a mile away. 

The nearest star - 24,000 miles away, and the Great Andromeda Galaxy -- our nearest galactic neighbor in an unimaginably large universe -- one trillion miles away. If we were a grape. Which we are not. We are every calculation in this example times 250,000,000. My head just blew up again. 

Anyway, we are in a great place. Especially since it seems to be the only shelter between us and forever.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Why I feel sorry for myself and how my therapist helped.

Why I feel sorry for myself and how my therapist helped.

I had a therapist who was a retired Israeli ship commander. He was tough but fair, I thought.

I went to him for a long time. First as couples therapy with my ex, and then for individual and finally group counseling. My attendance wore into years. There were many breakthroughs, but it was slow and time consuming. This was because I am a dick.

I decided to leave. I had been with this group for about five years. Nobody wanted me to leave, but I was committed.

The week after I left, my gun-toting, Israeli fighter called me up on the phone. At work. Unprecedented. Dean, who I was closest to in the group, missed my exit night because he had eaten cyanide and killed himself.

Uh, thanks for calling, dickhead. Why did I have to know this? How many ethics violations is he trying to ring up?

Oh, and he did tell me I would need counseling for the rest of my life. He didn't tell me I was a dick, which might have saved me a couple of decades of soul-searching.