Tuesday, January 29, 2013

slut walk notes

According to the IRC report, many women and girls spoke of being attacked in public or in their homes, mainly by armed men, with rapes - sometimes by multiple perpetrators - often occurring in front of family members. There have been attacks in which women and young girls were kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed, while roadblocks in Syria have become especially dangerous for females, it added.


War rape: The forgotten pandemic sweeping Syria

Rape has become a weapon almost as common as any other. Unfortunately, and despite a lack of media interest, the current conflict in Syria is no exception.

"...during the 13-year civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo...40 women were raped everyday"

We might not know the full scale of the abuse in Syria but we do know that rape was the main reason for more than 600,000 Syrians fleeing their home country according to the IRC. The 600,000 are the lucky ones - millions remain trapped in a rape zone. One female physician in Damascus treated 2,000 girls and women raped in Syria alone.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

VP Biden addresses Gun Control

Vice President Joe Biden will take questions on the issue tomorrow ala Philip DeFranco. My contribution:

Mr. Vice President, can we assume that the perpetrators who shoot children in schools are angry and hoping for some attention at any cost? They want to show their hurt and their middle finger to the world and they know that the media will blast the story all over if they are wild and brutal enough. Assuming this is part of the context, why not remove it? Why not try for a trial period of, say, five years, any school shooting is a local story only? The FCC is supposed to serve the public managing the public airwaves. Why not levy penalties just like are in place now for profane language? Less coverage may mean less violence. Thoughts?


The Professor and the Wartorn

Wartorn (2010) and The Professor and The Madman are two great stories of the collateral costs of war. We have been at war for over a decade and are now looking at sending more U.S. soldiers to sites in Africa and West Asia. We should be talking the shit out of this. Enough about her haircut.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Was just reading another protest about the war.

Was just reading another protest about the war. This one quoting a $19.3 million cost per hour. All WWII veterans and old folks need to be consulted for future financing of everything. They will remind us that during WWII there was rationing and shortages of many things so that the military could afford to fight the war. Chocolate, meat, silk, rubber, sugar, and many other things were rationed and squeezed hard so we got the maximum benefit from every resource. Now our government just whips out the credit card and sends everybody out. Thank you very much, President George W. Bush.

I still have the picture

I still have the picture of us dancing. The one that for years reminded me that my task was to protect you. I am proud of how long I stayed in there and how I haven't lashed out at you in any way. Not even silently. Not even when all I had was the pain driven by the fear, more real than my breath. No screaming into the phone, no flaming words in the mail. Tell me I am wrong. Even now I hesitate to speak this truth to you, because it might not serve the prime directive of serving you. You see, I tried. That never seemed to impress you. Effort. Intention. Nothing much more important to me. Success comes and goes. But the choice of your actions is something that you can ALWAYS make and direct. I alway had your interests first. You never seemed to know mine at all. You did want us to thrive. So did I. Who knows? Maybe now things will change, I will be a good manager. Shit will stop raining down all around me. And with you at least not physically in my face maybe I will come out of this dive before landfall.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


January Mediation Meditation
Commit here to -- in the new year --
Have more FUN and less STUFF
And to continue learning how to let my natural skills
(ie. short attention span),
ENRICH my life and not impoverish it.

By having multiple projects
multiple philosophies
multiple businesses
multiple investments
multiple everything
I can jump from one project to another as my muse guides me
without expiring all my energy in beginnings
and practice the art of following through

Yelp Post Twilight Zone - People are alike all over

"People are alike all over"
Twilight Zone

Fear dominates the controlling character in this Twilight Zone starring Roddy MacDowall.

I totally resonate.

"People are alike all over"
Twilight Zone