Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Janice Hahn

I was proud to hear my representative speaking truth to stupid today, and for reminding me of something else that is going on while we stare at this train-wreck of an election cycle:

"Mr. Speaker, it has been almost three months since I joined John Lewis and my democratic colleagues right here, for a sit-in on the House Floor, to demand a vote on common sense gun violence legislation.

"Instead of letting us vote; instead of confronting this issue, Speaker Ryan and my republican colleagues left town.

"Now we're back in session and there is still no talk about holding a vote. 

"There is a lot of talk coming from my colleagues on the other side of the aisle about punishing us for protesting on the House Floor. 

"I hope they do.

"But I am not going to apologize for what I did.

"I am proud that I did something to try to save lives.

I think they should apologize--to the American people."

"Because they have not allowed us to vote on common sense gun legislation.

"I think they should apologize that they continue to do the bidding of the gun lobby.

"And I think they should apologize that during our seven week recess, 2015 americans were shot and killed.

"My democratic colleagues and I took action.

They continue to sit on their hands."

Janice Hahn, Representative, 44th District CA, on the House Floor.
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9/14/2016 CSPAN