Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Regarding sentencing of underage violent offenders

Regarding sentencing of underage violent offenders:

Regarding sentencing of underage violent offenders

Yes, it is too young. Some sort of incarcerated,experimental, transition state would be better. We can not be guided only by the horrible crime, but by the needs of society. These kids -- if saved -- could serve society. After age 21 if not dramatically changed in demeanor and behavior, then throw the book at them. If, however, they "grow-up," acknowledge their crimes, make amends, maybe they could be allowed to serve as guards, or coaches, for similar offenders. They will not be the last. If we shovel them into a shallow grave, then as a society our fate will follow.

Monday, March 12, 2012

sugar is sugar?

"...And rather than eat a product that was introduced in 1983 and engineered in a plant to drive profitability for Cargill, ADM and members of the Corn Refiners Association, perhaps, as eaters in other deveoped countries do, we may want to exercise precaution and opt for sugar, as its presence in the marketplace preceeded the epidemics of obesity, diabetes and corn allergies that we are now seeing in our children."



Sunday, March 4, 2012

20120303 Reading Pile 3/3/2012

France dusts off Napoleonic pride LAT A1

Social Uplift ala Wayne and Maxine Waters 

Cheney admits to sending Joe Wilson to Africa to out wife Valerie Plame??

Rep Drier & Senator Snowe both Reps both quit

Saving Face is the first Pakistani film ever nominated for an Oscar. It tells the story of some of the hundreds of women who are ritually scarred by acid there. LA Weekly p. 13 3/2-8/2012

 Auden Schendler writes some pithy stuff about successful Green Campaigns