Monday, September 12, 2011

Serena is part of a larger trend

Serena was flat coming out of the gate. Period. She did whatever she did out of an effort to gain an advantage. Can we fault her? Should we?

Serena Williams is part of a larger trend that needs to be addressed: Poor memory. She -- or more likely her whole team for the last twenty six years -- has not come to appreciate the reality that without a game, she has no life. And that game is tennis and tennis is determined by the rules of the game. Officials are a critical part of that. Serena has acted as if she is much more important than any other part of the game.Serena has forgotten how important this game is to her. Well, she has spoken, and it is time for the game to respond.

It happens to Alzheimer patients. It is a part of every argument between me and my wife. Once in a while a petulant prima donna whips it out in public, like here.