Monday, September 1, 2014

FFL 2014

Well, we have completed another lap around the sun, and it is football time once again. And, though there are wars feared, trouble of every kind at home, and supplies are running low, this is what we attend to.

Yesterday's draft was uneventful, save apoplexy on the parts of the technically unfortunate, and ceaseless screams of abusive profanity from much of the rest of the league. Challenges were made, and lines drawn. There were squabbles. Some blood on the floor.

Time now for peace and bridge-rebuilding. As a league we need to come together and get back our real sense of community and closeness. With this intention I announce the 3rd annual Friendly Games, to be played at 9 hole Harbor Park G.C. sometime this Saturday. We've got four fivesomes cleared so there's even room for bench players.

Tentative groupings

(Please check spelling. Badges, T-shirts, hats, placecards, and media packs will use it.)


Grupo Uno

Cunting Men
Blow me for money
Cruising for Boyz
Kleigel Twinklenight

Group one

Big Suck
Lacks Sack
Bat Wing
Why go on sucking?
Lube Garage


Cunt cheese
Jets on my face
Horse Cunt
Bull cock


Double Dildo

Thanks and see you all out there.

RSVP Cruising ASAP "A whole bunch of sixteen pussies."

Yours in brotherhood,