Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why impeachment is effective

The Constitution is not very specific when it comes to impeachment, but it does say explicitly that the president can be impeached for:
"Adhering to Enemies and giving them Aid and Comfort."
I don't believe a goddamn thing he says, and I do not respect his research and experience. I am pretty sure there is none to speak of. He is shooting from the hip and showing absolutely no awareness that he is not only putting this country and its citizens in imminent and long-lasting danger.
He is also walking up to the gallows and slipping the noose around his own neck.
He has chosen to defend Russia and Putin above his own intelligence community. He has ignored the shitstorm of protest around him and continued to nurture a relationship with Putin.
This while Putin is building up an attack force in Ukraine that threatens to wage war against Eastern European countries, such as Poland.
Poland is a friend, an ally and a member of NATO. If they are attacked, the US has no choice. We are committed to defend any NATO country. If Putin says "go," we are at war.
The U.S. military has - at great expense - moved thousands of troops and millions of dollars in weapons and support materials into Poland to protect against this threatened attack.
Don't forget that Putin's troops are in Ukraine because after years of frustration with the wealth and success of Ukraine, the Russian president sent tanks and soldiers under a banner of "humanitarian aid" and occupied the area.
He is hot from the battle right now. He doesn't need to warm up.
And he has been running massive military exercises in the area for months. He is ready.
This is the man our president is protecting, adhering to and giving aid and comfort in the form of complimentary talk and choosing Putin over the CIA, FBI, NSA and over a dozen other American intelligence gathering organizations.
The thing is, President Trump has zero credibility. Even if he changes his talk and claims to get "tough on Russia," there is no reason to put any stock in his words.
You know what cops say most crime victims say?
"I couldn't believe it was happening."
Let us not choose that for our defense when this gets much worse and we are really suffering.
Get him out.
Lock him up.


Washington DC

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