Friday, April 25, 2014

A love letter for Nancy Oliver

A love letter for Nancy Oliver

Lars and the Real Girl is as surprising of a film as I have ever seen.

Lars giving CPR to the bear.

Lars asking his brother about manhood.

A love letter for Nancy Oliver

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You have so many of the qualities
we need more of these days.
Steve doesn’t know what to say.
I just wish you weren’t doing this.
This hits Steve like a brick. He looks at Frank, perhaps to
say something... but is completely disarmed.
You know, I used to work up at
some stables just north of here.
They used to have a poker game
every Friday night, the farm hands
and the stable boys. One of the
favorite stories in town was the
night I took 50 dollars from the
owner, Russ Clayborn. I had raised
him 20 dollars. And scared him
into folding a full house. That
was 2 weeks pay!
(MORE)I was 18 years old and I ran all
the way home holding three months
of our mortgage. I was so damn
proud. (Frank chuckles. Steve
smiles.) I ran into the house,
threw the money on the kitchen
table and told my mom I bet
everything on a pair of 3’s and

She took one look at the money...
and kicked me out of the house.
Had to stay at my aunt’s for a
week... When I asked her why she
just said “You could have lost”.
Beat. Steve looks over at Frank, but says nothing.
In those days it was harder to find
a man that was willing to bet it
We have nothing left to sell and we
can't afford to buy anything. You
came here to help us. Offer us
money... All we had to do to get it
was be willing to scorch the earth
under our feet.
Beat. Neither man says anything.
Don’t get me wrong, Steve, I’m not
better than my neighbors -- hell, I
need the money too.
I guess I’m just lucky... lucky to
be old enough to have a shot at
dying with my dignity.
Beat. Frank heads inside. Turns at the door.
Let me know when you’re ready to
head back.
We hold on Steve’s face. Frank walks to the door. He
suddenly stops... and without turning back:
I’m so worried for us, Steve...

Thursday, April 17, 2014


  • ...maybe I would have just as much pleasure listening to some other MLB announcer, in some OTHER city..#iNeedMyDodgers
  • You like this.
  • Douglas John Douglas God Bless, Vinny. I mean, it is a fine line. With this current VOLUME of clowny errorish stupid-excuse-for-baseball defensive errors, it is a contortionist's job to positivize the spin on the play-by-play. VS has hung in every pitch, and every weird moment, like the professional that he is and has always been. NOBODY could support their team (without looking simpering and stupid) with respect and zeal, and tenacity, and precision, and dedication, oh, godDAMN are we lucky to have this man for a little while more?!?!

    Re: ...maybe I would have just as much pleasure listening to some other MLB announcer, in some OTHER city..#iNeedMyDodgers

    Come on! Is it just me? Okay, I am the only one watching today's game now, on VHS. But Come On! How good is this match-up? How cool is it to be on one side or the other? This shit is G-R-E-A-T !