Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Food Plan 2012

Eating Plan 2012

Basic Overview:
* 7 days
* Lots of protein
* Lots of vegies
* Lots of cranberry juice
* Low carbohydrates

Following the book is a bit more complicated. This is our streamlined version. You can get much more info from the book and website.

Fat Flush Plan, by Ann Louise Gittleman

Shopping List
Flax seed (best: grind seeds yourself in your coffee grinder or blender)
Protein Powder
Frozen Fruit for shakes
Lots of fresh vegetables for salads and meals
Protein can be fish, chicken, beef, lamb, your choice. Lean is best. Fresh is best. Variety is good.
Fruit for snacks
Raw seeds for snacks
Vitamin Supplements
Cranberries (this time of year you can find them fresh in any produce section. Also available frozen. This recipe will provide two gallons of Cranberry Water and will last about two days. Remember you are drinking a LOT of this stuff!! Take one 12 oz. bag and boil in 32 oz water. Cool and strain and chill. This is your concentrated solution. To drink it you will mix it 7 to 1 with water. In a pint bottle, 2 oz. juice, 14 oz. water. This is what you drink all day. NO SUGAR. You may add a little Stevia if you have to.)

So, to summarize:
BOIL cranberries in 32 oz. water
Cool, strain, and store in fridge.
MIX cranberry with water 1:7 to produce Cranberry Water
         (ie. 1 oz cooked cranberry juice to 7 oz water)

My advice is to keep most of the solution clearly labeled in the fridge and only mix what you will be drinking each day. Should be about 8 servings of 8 ounces each or ½ gallon each day.

Sample Daily Plan I

Cranberry Water mixed with Flax seed
Hot Water with lemon (replaces coffee as hot morning beverage)
2 eggs scrambled with vegetables
More Cranberry Water
Vitamin Supplements

Snack 1 half an apple
Cranberry Water

6 oz. lean chicken
sauted vegetables
Cranberry Water

Snack II
Peanut Butter with celery
Cranberry Water

6 oz. lean beef
vegetable salad (very light dressing)
Cranberry Water

Sample Daily Plan II

Cranberry Water mixed with Flax seed
Hot Water with lemon
Protein Shake (protein powder and frozen fruit)
More Cranberry Water
Vitamin Supplements

Snack 1
Handful of raw almonds
Cranberry Water

6 oz. lean steak
steamed vegetables
Cranberry Water

Snack II
Small Portion Fresh Fruit
Cranberry Water

6 oz. Tofu
Vegetable Medley
Cranberry Water

NB there is no bread on this plan. No pasta. No potatoes. No cereals, including oatmeal, Phyllis. No sugar. No soda. No coffee. Use the calendar. Look at the day when you can once again eat the thing you are missing. Notice how you feel now and changes in how you feel then.

For stress management I advise 1) exercise, 2) sex, 3) yoga, 4) stretching, 5) screaming into your pillow (best when alone in bed).

Questions to Carmen.

NB: Take some data snapshots before you start. Your choice from weight, energy level, general feeling of well-being, fit of clothing, food journal of your normal diet, or whatever you can record to fix your present status and mark progress. Because if you really do this for 7 days, YOU WILL HAVE PROGRESS!

Good Luck to all of us!