Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ohio Super-significance hides what voter reality?

Do the representatives from Ohio understand how elevated their state is right now? (I hope there is no collateral seismic activity.) Meet the Press this morning can't talk about anything NOT in Ohio. WTF?
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What the fuck is this: Cynical for having been born and bred in a "learn and live in a what side is my bread buttered on?" world, we HAVE to wonder what is happening in Ohio:

Are the public servants of Ohio NOT using this rare point of national leverage to their own advantage? How? And if they aren't: why not?

Everybody is running out of money at the same time. Responsible leaders and representatives are looking ten years and more down the line and making severe cuts, adjustments, and adaptations. What is going on in Ohio right now? Are they securing a bigger piece of the federal pie from the administration? Or is private business handing our "Get out of poverty free" cards to voters and policy makers?

Just askin'.

Commander out

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brad Pitt ain't shit: Will Chanel benefit from waves of derision to their latest ad?

Brad Pitt is a marketable guy for, like, thirty years now. He is sort of untouchable in the nice-hot-guy demographic. Chicks like his films and his ass and guys go to his movies 'cause he can read a little. He even did pretty good acting crazy in that pic by the Monty Python guy. Anyway, somebody took a call from Chanel and now there exists one of those moody, ridiculous fashion pieces shilling perfume. Nothing new there, but this one is going viral with spoof responses on TV and even Los Angeles radio.

My question is this: I know that somebody is losing their job because there is laughter in the air after Brad finishes his bovine-rumination-meditations on life, love, wife, (indecipherable), and, I guess, Chanel Number Five. What I don't know is this: Is this seen as a BAD THING? I mean, does this video bit going viral piss off Chanel execs and/or whoever runs the agency that produced this disaster? Do the rich guys still win? Or can we at the bottom laugh a little heartier, 'cause some moron with a checkbook stepped on his/her dick?

Commander out

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tenure for Bad Teachers?

Responding to the post at the bottom is easy for a teacher, but tough to read and process if you are not. I hear a lot of "but it's your JOB," responses bouncing back. And they are deserved. You tell me what you think.

A LOT of the teachers I know are either out of education due to stress, insecurity and layoffs or they have stayed and drank the koolaid. Thus to morph and go into the bunker posture of just enduring repeated disasters and attacks without adapting radical methods to save the kids. In their defense I would add this: Radical Anything = Administrative Hell.

Let's look for a parallel situation.

What do you know of the London bombing by the Nazis during WWII also known as The Blitz?

I was extremely lucky to know someone who endured that and to have heard of the suffering, the uncertainty, the cold fear that accompanied those days, firsthand.

You walk past piles of rubble that used to be buildings in your neighborhood. You get VERY familiar with which shelter you are going to use and how and what you take and what will happen if YOUR building is next. Life is moment to moment. Explosions are everywhere: random, close and far.

By far the worst moments are the silences AFTER a V2 rocket cuts out overhead. The silence means it's close. But they can only DESTROY a very small area; maybe one building. Still they are to be feared and not ignored. Sort of like school officials.

A Principal, Peer, Parent, Board Member, or Community Activist can be your V@ rocket, go silent and decide that your methods and your classroom are in a bad way, and you are OUT.

Obvious, right? That bad teachers should not be encouraged and rewarded. Nobody really disagrees on that. Just methodology. HOW do you get good teachers? Well I am here telling you that what is in place now is NOT working. What you get now are SOME good teachers and A LOT of durable bureaucrats that know how to survive during wartime.

What is in place now is a culture of fear and disbelief. "WTF is going to happen next?" Is what I used to hear myself say a lot in the various halls I patrolled as a public school teacher. At least with tenure, they can't kick you out into the street. It is not much. It may not even be a start. I just know that anything I can do to make teachers feel safe is SOMETHING. Whadaya think?

Doug Joyce David, education guru. Can you tell me why tenure makes for good teaching? Children get a better education because of tenure? Can you explain to me how?

Teachers (including me) have been hammered from all sides for as long as I have noticed. Students have somehow recruited Administrators and Parents and all three work together and independently to destroy 95% of all of a teacher's opportunities to TEACH. Ts are forced to be managers and guards for students who have never been exposed to a real school learning atmosphere. I don't blame the kids for being bored and rebelling. That has always been their role as long as I have been watching. I blame the rest of us, who are allowing our public education system to flow in a counterclockwisecorkscrew down the pipe and into the sewer. Uh, sorry for the rant, and back to your question. Tenure gives teachers a little safety. Hopefully with it, they will do a better job and not a Complacent Phone-In Effort. We have all seen that. More on my blog. Commander Nineteen on Blogger