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Ser Maestro / To Be A Teacher

Ser Maestro

Angel Nieto Romero

Ser maestro es ser padre, hermano, amigo, compañero
confidente, enfermero, constante consejero.

Ser maestro es:
    Amar, apreciar, dar exemplo respetar.
    Perseverar, tener paciencia (y perderla), perdonar.
    Aconsejar, empujar, dar amistad, escuchar.
    Explicar, aplicar, no dejarse derrotar, apreciar.

Tener caridad y compasión, firmeza y determinación,
alegría y pasión, mucha pasión y amor a esa locura
que implica la creación.

Ser maestro is:
    Repetir, corregir, dar orgullo, exigir.
    Estimular, animar, ser humilde, admirar.
    Comprender, reprender, ser atrevido, imponer.
    Imaginar, moldear, tener ganas, realizar.
    Insistir, sufrir, tener humor, requerir.

Hacer reglas y romperlas, no confiar en lo obvio
descartar lo comodo escapar de la rutina.
Contestar y preguntar, siempre preguntar.
No hacer caso al que diran.

Dormir poco y sonar mucho, sonar dormido, despierto sonar, siempre sonar y
lo imposible buscar.
Aprender, compartir, ensenar, y aprender una vez mas.
Descubrir, formar, lograr y luego volver a empezar.

To Be A Teacher

Angel Nieto Romero

To be a teacher means to be a parent, a friend, a companion, a confidant,
a nurse, a constant counselor.

To be a teacher means:
    To love, to cherish, to set an example to respect.
    To push, to have patience (and to lose it), to forgive.
    To advise, to persevere, to befriend, to listen.
    To explain, to apply, to not give up, to appreciate.

To have charity and compassion, strength and determination, joyfullness and passion,
passion and love for that madness which implies creation.

To be a teacher means:
    To repeat, to correct, to instill pride, to require.
    To stimulate, to encourage, to be humble, to reprimand.
    To fulfill, to impose, to laugh, to admire.
    To imagine, to mold, to care, to demand.

To make rules and to break them,
to mistrust the obvious
to reject the comfortable
to escape routine.
To answer and to ask,
always to ask.
Not paying attention to what people might say.

To sleep a little and dream a lot,
to dream asleep, and dream awake,
always to dream and
reach for the impossible.
To learn, to share, to teach
and to learn again.
To discover, to shape, to achieve
and then to start all over again.


I Heart Huckabees

I (heart) Huckabees is a wonderful and fun romp that touches on many valid points of philosophy, consciousness, and corporate/consumer behavior. Mark Wahlberg's character especially as a fireman turned anti-petroleum crusader strikes at the heart of our inner curious and journeying self. Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman are solid as his guides through his (and lead character Jason Schwartzman's) wending path of discovery. It gets past a sometimes patchwork script with stellar casting and screen work. Just check out the lineup!
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  • Douglas John Douglas Russell is building a nice body of work. Three Kings, this year Sliver Linings, and this are noteable.

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Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood. If you want to impress me, don't try to convince me how normal you and your friends are. Tell me how lucky and grateful you are for being where you are now.

Carrie Underwood 

Truth, Bullshit, or WTF?

Truth, Bullshit, or WTF?

Charlie Beck's mouthpiece put this one out in the air just now, and I could use some clarity:

"The city has not been on any kind of tactical alert since early yesterday morning." 

Okay, so at around midnight Monday, something substantive happened to dramatically change the LAPD posture maintained since Superbowl Sunday and the beginning of the Chris Dorner manhunt. 

I wonder what it was? 

"The city has not been on any kind of tactical alert since early yesterday morning." Official LAPD spokesman. 

Truth, Bullshit, or WTF?

(notes) warmly received by democrats dismissed by republicans (notes)

(notes) warmly received by democrats dismissed by republicans (notes)

Isn't this the death rattle of our two parties?

Groucho said he wouldn't be a member of any club that would have him, and maybe that is not such a bad model.

Political parties are unnecessary to the process and encourage lazy thinking.

(notes) warmly received by democrats dismissed by republicans (notes)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Treasonous, def. OED

Treasonous, def. OED

Pronunciation:  /ˈtriːz(ə)nəs/
Etymology:  < treason n. + -ous suffix.

  Full of or abounding in treason; characterized by treason or treachery; treasonable.

c1450 [see treasonously adv. at Derivatives].
1593   T. Nashe Christs Teares f. 66v,   Bannings, cursings, secrete murmurings, out-rage, murder, iniustice, all which are high treasonous trespasses against God.
a1616   Shakespeare Macbeth (1623) ii. iii. 131   Against the vndivulg'd pretence, I fight Of Treasonous Mallice.
1784   New Spectator No. 18. 3   To prohibit such and such pieces, that were blasphemous, libellous, or treasonous.
1875   W. Warburton Edward III i. 21   That he had trepanned the Earl of Kent into a treasonous conspiracy.



  ˈtreasonously adv. in a treasonous manner.

Treasonous, def. OED

Lincoln on selfish behavior

Lincoln believed that everything was an expression of self-interest and enjoyed discussions exploring the issue. During a long carriage ride with an academic friend, Lincoln ordered the coachman to stop, and upon so, leapt out and pulled a pig, stranded in the mud, out to wander, root, and pig more.

His acquaintance took this as the ultimate argument.

"See! There! A COMPLETELY selfless action!"

And, "There is NO WAY you benefited in any way from this pig's liberation. You did that for him alone. This is incontravertible evidence of the weakness of your argument!"

"Not at all," said The Railsplitter, implacably.

"That pig was in dire straits. I simply couldn't have lived with myself had I rolled on by."

(notes) WTF with Lindsay Graham? (notes)

(notes) WTF with Lindsay Graham? (notes)

WTF with Lindsay Graham?
Benghazi sitll an issue?
Sour grapes
we will stop appointments ("put a hold on these nominations") until satisfied
whipping ignorant constituency into froth
say he was blowing the rugby team from Yale, and his staff mis-handled the first few actions. What now? You have the floor, Senator.

My sense is you would dismantle the country, law by law. You would run Obama out of office. You would eliminate any effect he has had. You would implant your people. You would implement your policies.

To what end?

To serve the Constitution? To serve the entire population?

It seems to me that the anti-Obama coalition is like a dog chasing cars. It knows what it wants (sort of). And it has no idea what to do when it gets it.

(notes) WTF with Lindsay Graham? (notes)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

(notes) Hitler tried HARD to kill his threats. (notes)

(notes) Hitler tried HARD to kill his threats. (notes)

Hitler tried HARD to kill what he saw as threats to his people. How DID that work out for them?
Germany (and lots of Western Asia) experienced permanent changes as a result of 20th century wars. We who look back are still assessing the effects.

Today's assassination :,0,4371497.story

Hitler tried HARD to kill what he saw as threats to his people. How DID that work out for them?

(notes) Hitler tried HARD to kill his threats. (notes)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

(notes) Cherry Pick Anti-Obama Rant (notes)

(notes) Cherry Pick Anti-Obama Rant (notes)

Someone named Michael Savage on Facebook is whipping people into a froth.

I guess I will just cherry pick a few comments and respond. 

"Everyone says they wont let this tyrant ruin america.... yet he still eats sleeps breathes and lives..what gives?"

"Run that son a hoe back to Africa" is one response that doesn't seem totally out of sync with the group mood. Whatever happened to patriotism? And logic?

"The highest patriotism" is what Jefferson called protesting policy. I agree, for sure. But petty name-calling and ridiculous suggestions don't really fall under the same umbrella. 

"Usurper" is the term used by one poster. I guess the idea is that the president is taking something from them. I keep getting the same feeling from a lot of my friends who strongly disagree with President Obama. But specifics are hard to come by. Or maybe this is a dead-cat-bouncing birther howl. Either way, he is not going to just walk away. Calling for him to do so is a waste of your finger punches and my time. 

"The time for bitchin about it on FB is past, its time to take to the streets and be heard....this might be our last


"Everyone says they wont let this tyrant ruin america.... yet he still eats sleeps breathes and lives..what gives?"

The left says we should tone down our rhetoric w/regards to Obama's Marxism and treasonous conduct? I say we need to ratchet it up a few notches! In a healthy republic, government should fear the people, not the other way around. I am so disgusted by the state of affairs, and how "nice" many conservatives are when their freedoms and very way of life is about to be destroyed. Yes DESTROYED!

You think the equivalent of the "Arab Spring" can happen in America? I doubt it. Most of us are too fat lazy and apathetic.

/end rant

~R page admin

(notes) Cherry Pick Anti-Obama Rant (notes)
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