Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Survey

Okay, so I have almost everything set up for my BlogRadio bit (DouglasDouglas and the Hard Work Hour, Fridays at 5:00pm PST on BlogTalkRadio) tomorrow. Possible topicsinclude some of my browsing from the last day or so.
Long Beach Courthouse and how to stay alive in traffic;
Seating for the President's State of the Union address. Turns out it is festival seating according to the gov't website. Congressmen and Senators were either camping out to hold their prime seats (successfully) or leaving notes and biz cards (failed). Good to know. Hard to believe.

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  1. Zinn on Helen Keller, Teddy Roosevelt, Christopher Columbus, Mark Twain.
    On Keller: A socialist, once arrested for participating in a protest regarding segregation of the audience for one of her shows.
    T. Roosevelt: A war monger. Advanced military campaigns against non-aggressive nations.
    Columbus mutilated natives.
    Mark Twain was "a socialist organizer and political leader". Perhaps this had more to do with his impoverishment and financial struggle than the story that I was taught that emphasized the fact that he was a reckless investor who poured money into a losing printing press invention and turned away Alexander Graham Bell who asked for money to develop his new telephone invention.