Friday, February 26, 2010

Cascading Thought Processes

I think that is an accurate description. The waterfall effect. Isn't that a great metaphor? Don't your thoughts cascade like a falling body of water? Mine do, and often to my detriment.

Take right now. I have these thoughts that I want to get down so you can read them. But I also have a grilled cheese burning on the stove. That I don't really need to eat. Cause I'm fat. Well, not REALLY fat, but fat enough that I laughed off the 5k tomorrow. And the crisis develops: write or eat? Or do the yard? I really should get the lawn mowed before she gets home. She MAY be really pissed this time. Oh, and now M & C want to invite themselves over for drinks and share their silent non-stop gay drama with us here during our extremely rare and fragile pax.



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