Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Willy Wonka 4/15/1993-10/12/2008

Willy Wonka 4/15/1993-10/12/2008

I miss my cat. Our cat. Willy was her everyday name, but she was right in Elliot's wheelhouse with multiplicities of namage. Willy Wonka, Willameena, Bink,and One-Eyed-Willy. Many others, too, to say nothing of the multitudes of inflections we might use on our name of choice. It would be mood-driven, and would depend on whether she had just shit all over the bedding, or whether she was currently in our favor. I wonder which one she used for herself.

I guess it was nice to be able to say goodbye. It WAS. No doubt. We had two weeks from diagnosis to death and in that time we were able to spend some slow time with her and dwell upon her leaving, and her presence in our lives.

I'll write more later. I can't see the damn keyboard or the screen.

Thanks for being a great cat, Willy!

CMDR out

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