Friday, April 2, 2010

I am a Christo Pagan Capitalist Entrepenuer...and so are you!

I am a Christian Paganist Capitalist Entrepenuer. But did you know you were, too? If you were raised in North America, you can not have been immune to the impact of the church of christmas, halloween and Israeli domination. Not that I am against that. I have been taught that Israel is a shining light in the "Middle East." But this brings up many, many issues. On to Point Two: Pagan, like you 101. What day do you start your week on? Is it "god" day? If you speak spanish, it is. Domingo speaks to the day of god. Sunday however is an homage to idol worshiping Sun worship that us pagans like to embrace. Oh, and where did god create his first two humans? In a palace of creation which the Wikans, Earth Witches and Christians commonly refer to as a "garden."
Capitalist because the roots of this country were built on it. Study up.
And entrepenuer because I have to. No longer can I depend on the state to support me. My teaching jobs have evaporated. I am forced to supplement my income with my own small business. You too? Just notes here. Bore you more later. Commander out!

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