Monday, August 9, 2010

Self Analysis

Where does all the time go? Maybe the problem is in the question. Time doesn't have location, so it doesn't have locomotion. It doesn't go anywhere. It doesn't pass by, it doesn't wind down, and it definitely doesn't depart.

I had an idea of how to manage my time better, so of course I went to Google. Turns out that the first page of results for "free time self analysis software" didn't have much that I was looking for, though I don't really know what that is.

I am going to try journaling. Start out with five minutes a day. Maybe use the voice recorder. What is the difference between my scheduled activities and my actual time wasting shit?

If I could just find out why I don't have any money, job, or wife, I know I could be a better man. I just don't have a clue. I make lists, I get depressed. I try, and I try. Still I am turning into that wreck of a creation: the has-been who never was.

Gotta get back to it. Cmdr out

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