Monday, April 4, 2011

Duke LAcrosse Story

....Okay, I see my process here. I am no neutral observer. For me it is a time machine. I remember being on the fringe of school and resenting those who were thriving, especially the male athletes who were almost uniformly giant A-holes [well, the golf team stoners were okay :) ]. Anyway, that is how I picture this event: a party thrown by and for a bunch of pampered A-hole athletes, who are about to get fast-tracked into a world I will never know. This party was a bad idea from the start, yet it is endorsed or at least tolerated by the parents and coaches.

So one of the bigger A-holes knows some hookers/strippers and calls them up. The girls get there and the energy levels climb. Over-sexed, under monitered, cash-heavy, male juveniles in a group trying to out-stupid each other. How could anything go wrong?

Somebody gets ugly, somebody gets hurt, somebody calls for help and the cops show up. The strippers have no representation and the guys have legal teams paratrooping in out of the sky. Even with that David and Goliath advantage, the girls get some press and some representation and make it to national news. At no time do the parents team leaders say, "...okay, we f'd up. Let's cut a big check and make this go away. Our guys f'd up and we need to do the right thing."

My problem is in two distinct parts:

1) I object to the labeling of these athletes as innocents. They were drinking, partying, hiring prostitutes and behaving like cave-men. Been there. Shit happens. I don't really care who was raped and how or how many. That was for the cops and the courts. As a teacher and a fervent promoter of the STUDENT-athlete, though, I just believe that this was a mistake from the start and it should be dealt with accordingly. Not like some hit and run: "...I swear, your honor! These black chicks just came out of nowhere and started telling stories about us! We didn't do nuthin'! I mean, fersher....!


2) I know next to nothing about the real story and have made my version up from tortured parts of my own twisted and lonely past.

MORE later...C19 out

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