Wednesday, September 26, 2012

McCourt Boycott

We as a country are acting just like those people trapped down in the Subway (same as the Lost crew). We are just biding our time, amusing ourselves, making do, and waiting for rescue. Why don't we take this opportunity to take back the reins of government?

GMA is reporting that "no republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio" and that President Obama is leading their Ohio polls by ten percent. To my Ohio family, friends, teachers and fellow humans, I say:

"Please do not take comfort from this; take heart. Take heart that with this small majority there is the opportunity to take a breath, and get back to the business of becoming cit
izens. We have so much work to do, it doesn't even matter where we start, or if we are organized. We have a 300,000,000 piece jigsaw puzzle to take out of the box and complete. Take charge of five or ten pieces and take it from there. Talk to your friends about the election, practice being a good opponent with those you disagree with, show respect, LISTEN and make your points respectfully. Prepare for the election. Learn how the ballot measures affect you, your community and the country as a whole. How about actually knowing one of the judges on the ballot this time? What is important is not in doing EveryThing, but in NOT doing nothing. Good luck, happy working, and let's kick some constituent ass before November 6 AND AFTER, TOO!"

Those people trapped down in the subway, is reference to the opening scene in a great series ("Connections," James Burke, "An Alternative View of Change, The Trigger Effect" 1977). In NYC in 1965, there was a huge power outage at 5pm rush hour. 100,000 people were trapped below ground in subway cars, as well as many more stuck in elevators and just stuck. Amazingly NONE of these people worked to free themselves or get themselves to safety. They ALL just sat on their hands and waited for help to arrive. What they didn't know was that the blackout ran from the Canadian border to south of Washington, DC and many miles west past the NY state border. Also that it would be 18 hours before power was restored in many places (six hours in Manhattan). Burke uses this urban habit of passivity that we all display to spur his series and to explore technology and urban life in fascinating ways. It is ten great stories, and very entertaining and informative, but I am more interested in it being an ALARM CLOCK. We need to act less like the passive passengers that waited, and more like Jason Bourne.

Can the citizens eminent domain the Dodger Stadium parking lot? How about a general boycott of everything that makes McCourt money, so he leaves LA, divests himself of all his local holdings especially including the parking lot at Dodger Stadium, and NEVER, EVER RETURNS, ever. Who's with me?
Ex-Dodger Owner Frank McCourt Back in Divorce Court | U.S. |
The ex-wife of former Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt wants to set aside the couple's divorce settlement, claiming he vastly understated the value of a team that sold earlier this year for $2 billion, the highest figure ever paid for a pro sports franchise.

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