Monday, May 5, 2014

There is still great music. Rock on

"There is still very great music. There is still fantastic tuneage. Wonderful freaks are making wonderful music right now and forever."
Sorry, you caught me in my new meditation. It is spawned from an ongoing conversation I have with everyone born after 1976, apologizing for the sh--ty music they are expected to get excited about and spend time and money on. And this crap: Adam Levine as "rock star."
I come from a bygone era, fersher, but I miss the days when rock stars were too fringe to be included in People's SMA listage. Ancillary benefit #2 to living in the past: No People magazine, at all.
Namaste, y'all. And remember that there was and is a time when producers and performers of great music didn't coddle up to big business and big media in order to develop their brand. Can you imagine Robert Plant getting this attention forty years ago? No, of course not. He would be out making music and pissing people off. Numbers one and two on any rockers To Do list.

Adam Levine has garnered the coveted title of People magazine's 2013 "Sexiest Man Alive." But for some, the news came as a bit of a shock and roused suggestions that other men are more fitting for the honor.

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