Friday, October 31, 2014


Was asked if I was going to this year... As fun as it has been in the past, I think my 3 years in a row is plenty enough

Okay, Lenny: a couple of responses from your old math teacher:

1) Don't be such a cunt! You either suffer from memory loss or character impersonation disorder.

If you DID have a good time the last three years, then, what? Too much fun? Lemme tell you, from someone just returning from the cemetery: No Such Thing As Too Much Fun, and you are going to get old and or die someday, so use one of these trite phrases and shift gears. 'Make hay while the sun shines,' or 'he that goes aborrowin' goes asorrowin'...'

And if you didn't like it and were just going along in order to get along, get a candle and sit with it a while. You may be much less fun than you present. No big problem. You just can't claim to be a big fan of events like #WeHoHalloween and catch no shit. Your choice? Your curse?

2) I fergit.

Get to the goddamn party, Lenny, IN COSTUME, and with the knowledge that all we have is today.

Namaste, person


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