Monday, November 17, 2014

Bird on the Wire, Leonard Cohen

Bird on the Wire, Leonard Cohen

I heard tonight on KPFK 90.7 FM, Los Angeles, a show called Folk Scene. I long ago, began enjoying folk music as a way of jabbing the shit out of some friends of mine who insisted on playing hip hop, whenever they drove to the golf course. So, I found the most hillbilly shit I could find and played that when I was pilot.

The show I played was KPFK's Alive 'n Picking with Mary Katherine Aldin. She played a lot of twangy inbred shit, but there was also a thread of something magic. I became infected with a love of bluegrass.

Anyway, tonight I heard on Folk Scene a recorded show from 1977 that reminded me of what I had been missing since I loaded my Ipod up with all Katy Perry. One song that was played was a live version of Leonard Cohen's Bird on the Wire. I include one LC version here. GREAT apology lines, init.


Bird on the Wire, Leonard Cohen

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