Tuesday, February 17, 2015

6,000 raped by Syrian soldiers

6,000 raped by Syrian soldiers

According to Congressional testimony Thursday, 6,000 Syrian women have rpeorted being raped and brutalized by Syrian soldiers operating under Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad.

This number (six thousand) is likely a small portion of the true scope of the violence the president is bringing to his own people. Accurate rape numbers basically will never exist, due to the rampant chaos Assad has allowed to flourish under his reign, but likely there have been 100,000 or more such crimes against the people of Syria.

More alarming statements during this Congressional hearing:

  • 200,000 civilians dead.
  • 6,000,000 refugees fleeing to neighbors Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.
  • one half of Syrian pre-war population has been displaced (12,000,000)
  • US aid is feeding over one third of the Syrian population.
  • US aid is also likely to be frequently making its way into ISIS hands.
  • Syrian government crackdowns on citizen protests stemming from Arab Spring have continued since March, 2011, and seem unlikely to stop until he kills or drives out all dissenters. 
"Humanitarian Aid to Syria"
Congressional testimony
Rep. Brendan Doyle
D - Pennsylvania, et al

viewed on CSPAN3 2/17/2015

6,000 raped by Syrian soldiers

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