Sunday, July 25, 2010


It takes a pretty fucked up mind to be able to handle the intricacies of College Statistics and still get tripped up on the weak-ass arguments that say that black opps guys ran a game on 330 million of us and took down the Trade Center towers ten years ago with C4 and godknowswhat, so they could tighten their grip on whatever and increase their control of HUH?

I know, I know. I have seen custody battles and estate fights. There is almost -- no nothing -- as desperate as an American who thinks they are one lie away from banking some sweet secret stash. And if there were a team of clowns who could conceive of a way to fake a foreign attack and capitalize, hell, there wouldn't even be any thought about it. Go!

History is written by the winners.

But come on. 3000 people in the buildings?
Another what, 400 in the planes? All not there? All in on the lie? Come on. No, it wasn't a missile that hit the fucking Pentagon. I don't care what the streetlights poles look like. 200 people saw the plane bounce into the building and then either ran away or ran in.

There is plenty of fucked up stuff going on now that we can do something about, and it says plenty that a mature, intelligent, streetwise woman can get this pretzelled over an obvious pass, but hey, what the hell, it doesn't make anybody any stupider to play devil's advocate.

There is always a chance that anything is true.

I am too tired to keep this drivel going.

I love my baby and I am hoping I get to have her again. That is enough to make those two towers stand back up and blow me.

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