Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 101 of the occupation

Journal 20101120

Start out the day pissed with headache and tired jaw and brainstem. Rise from our newly assembled “Simple Bed” from EQ3, and get to the TV.
    McLaughlin Group
    The guys are knocking it around about Republican domination and the end to monarchy in Britain. 
 Guess what name the opposition has chosen?

...Wait for it!

Yes! The Republicans!

Yes I am serious!

    Yelp for Breakfast in Haight Ashbury
Ended up at Well Kneaded, or, What You Knead, or some cutesy name like that. The waitresses served us artichoke omellettes and acrid coffee for $25.
Found a copy of “David Bowie: Black Book” in a trash pile with “Cat’s Cradle”, “Trainspotting”, “Mexico City Blues”, and a book of short stories. She actually let me keep them, so I let her grab the one called, “Bitch.” Black Book turned out to have several OUTSTANDING photos and factoids of Bowie back in the day, including one brooding one next to a shit-eating-grinning Mick Jagger. Does anyone know if these two have ever collaborated?
Discovered BAM/PFA and resolved to visit with the BMW. Museum and film school at Berkeley.
NYT Saturday, November 20, 2010:
    * 9/11 plaintiffs settle suit for damages. End to 7 year struggle.
        a MILLION stories here. peanuts for lives. heroic sacrifice met with civic                 indifference. Cold, heartless, heatless urban reality.
        What will these mothers raise their children to worship? the municipality                 that took their lives, their health and threw them coins in return?
        Gut-wrenching tales of the endless patience of the city machine.
        Surprise. “...many plaintiffs were pained by the vigorous legal defense                 mounted by the city as the lawsuits began  flowing in 2003.” How many of                 us work with, in, around, and in compliance and dependency on similar                 bueareaucracies?
    * Pope says that condoms are OK
    * Saudi girls can play sports, but only in burkas
    * Riots in Haiti: Idiotic Panic Rules the Day, or is it?
    * Infrastructure update: The water at our taps may soon stop.
    * No, it’s not 1975! But SALT II missile defense treaties are again front page news
Castro Theater Schedule
Roxie Theater Schedule
    San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater
Friedlander at SFMOMA
...and the Gay Area finally gets it’s real wish: Target!

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