Thursday, November 18, 2010

Delta Death Thursday November 2010

Several news item to follow up on later, if anyone wants to dig:

GM IPO largest ever? Why? How? Implications for average U.S. citizen.

The water just keeps getting hotter: Delta Death: How California's water policy is poisoning the bay-delta estuary

By Patrick Porgans and Lloyd Carter

While Californians were held captive waiting for...

While Californians were held captive waiting for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature to agree on spending cuts and adopt a budget, state officials were throwing hundreds of millions of dollars down the drain and compounding California’s crisis.

Water officials have wasted more than $10 billion and 35 years in extended delays in their failed attempt to carry out their legal mandates to protect the waters of the state and restore the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary.

The result: water quality in the estuary is rapidly declining; fisheries are in crisis; and the proposed solution, an $11 billion bond act set for the ballot in 2012, will only make things worse...

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