Thursday, December 16, 2010


What a bad rap the pigeon has had. Ken Kesey called them "rats with wings." All over every city there are wires and fences and plastic owls with the expressed intent of preventing these rock doves from congregating. Any yet live, they do. In numbers ever increasing.

A gullible person is a ___
Myself, I have heard MYSELF say this a hundred times or more, "(gazing up at some avian acrobat " it? No, just a ______."
These super survivors are spectacular evidence of what Whitman meant when he said, "...on and on and on, forever the urge to live..." or something like that.

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  1. Oh, and when you were searching for pigeons in the 60's at Deauville or even Inglewood GC, you would likely do it with a set of well-worn Armour Silver Scots clinking in your Jones bag. Many a tale is told to paint the picture of western decline, and few as cogent as the rise and fall of that great house of golf clubs known as MacGregor.

    More later...