Monday, December 20, 2010

Microinspection of Andy Reid and Deshawn Jackson

I know I can't get it, but damnit why can't everybody be just a little more like me?

Somebody made a judgement and chose to call Jackson's move a fumble. Head coach Andy Reid chose not to use his protest flag. Haven't seen it? Take a look:

Oh, screw it. I couldn't find one.

It was a close call. The coaches, players and refs work without the benefit of instant replay. Can't we all just get along? Come on, let the zebras do their job! We should do ours and cheer.

Instant replay is killing the game, but not on its own. It is being ferried along by the well-meaning but misguided fans who watch this stuff over and over again and talk the poop out of it until there is no other issue and the game is over.

Our grandcestors gave us a fantastic game. Let's keep it in shape good enough to pass on to our following degene/rate children. The only way this game survives is with us avoiding the urge to tear it apart to win a $050 over/under.

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