Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Libya, of course. Horrible stories across this huge, complicated country. Rumors of Security Forces firing on crowds from airplanes and even from AMBULANCES! "Pray for peace, people everywhere."

...and LAUSD revokes charter for schools that break rules of test preparation. Implication? End of world. The center has no mass. The fucking SCHOOLS are teaching the kids to cheat. Why? Because we told them to. More Much Later.

In Pakistan, Christians are being killed with popular sanction. We can learn much from this intolerance. Anyone (including myself) who believes in capital punishment or state-sanctioned violence may see another perspective here. The shoe is definitely on the other foot.

Commonwealth Games. Corruption chargesfor administrators of troubled games. Future?

Bilingual Rocks! Study shows that infants as young as 9 mo can distinguish between English and French (even when they don’t know either language!), as long as they are exposed to two languages in the home. If you were raised with two languages, thank your parents.

Considering a Six Continents blog. What? You don't even have ONE? Lemme know whatcha think.
Much more later,
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