Monday, March 21, 2011

Regarding Barry and His Drug Problem

Seed for a story I probably won't write:

"Hello Mrs. Sam,

Regarding Barry and his drug problem: We are so far past the crisis point no one knows when it was. Barry every moment is dominated by his need to get his fix. Now he is pushing aside higher priority items like getting in  fights and how he spends his money, because nothing is as important to Barry as drugs."

Take it, it's yours. No charge. I wanted to write something about the president's speed on Tuesday, and got stuck here. You have the con.

The president was pushing education as a remedy. I dunno. We've got an ocean of drugs crossing the border north and a freaking waterfall of money and guns going south. What kind of a teacher do you need to get THIS CLASS to sit down, make nice and follow the rules?

Copy boy!

C19 out

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