Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ohio Super-significance hides what voter reality?

Do the representatives from Ohio understand how elevated their state is right now? (I hope there is no collateral seismic activity.) Meet the Press this morning can't talk about anything NOT in Ohio. WTF?
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What the fuck is this: Cynical for having been born and bred in a "learn and live in a what side is my bread buttered on?" world, we HAVE to wonder what is happening in Ohio:

Are the public servants of Ohio NOT using this rare point of national leverage to their own advantage? How? And if they aren't: why not?

Everybody is running out of money at the same time. Responsible leaders and representatives are looking ten years and more down the line and making severe cuts, adjustments, and adaptations. What is going on in Ohio right now? Are they securing a bigger piece of the federal pie from the administration? Or is private business handing our "Get out of poverty free" cards to voters and policy makers?

Just askin'.

Commander out

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