Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brad Pitt ain't shit: Will Chanel benefit from waves of derision to their latest ad?

Brad Pitt is a marketable guy for, like, thirty years now. He is sort of untouchable in the nice-hot-guy demographic. Chicks like his films and his ass and guys go to his movies 'cause he can read a little. He even did pretty good acting crazy in that pic by the Monty Python guy. Anyway, somebody took a call from Chanel and now there exists one of those moody, ridiculous fashion pieces shilling perfume. Nothing new there, but this one is going viral with spoof responses on TV and even Los Angeles radio.

My question is this: I know that somebody is losing their job because there is laughter in the air after Brad finishes his bovine-rumination-meditations on life, love, wife, (indecipherable), and, I guess, Chanel Number Five. What I don't know is this: Is this seen as a BAD THING? I mean, does this video bit going viral piss off Chanel execs and/or whoever runs the agency that produced this disaster? Do the rich guys still win? Or can we at the bottom laugh a little heartier, 'cause some moron with a checkbook stepped on his/her dick?

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