Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Magic Planet

The very best thing for me is curiosity. When I am occupied in a search for answers I can endure anything and remedy most adversity. Currently lots of people are concerned with the end of the world due to one interpretation of one calendar. This is fascinating in itself and seems to lead down the same path that directs us to watch the building burn but not standing or being built; the car crash but not the physics and engineering of the highway. There is a part of us that wants or needs to see disaster and this part of our brain is in full flower now with this 12/21/12 thing coming up soon. But I am more occupied by something else that keeps jumping up to catch my attention while I chase these little disaster stories.

This world is impossible.

Take just a quick look at where we are.

For a very long time, we have lived here on this planet, knowing no other home. This planet -- a rock with a molten volcanic core we have never seen or measured -- has a strong magnetic field around it that we have used to our advantage, steering boats at sea. But that is a small part of the function of this field. Without it, we are not just lost, we are dead.

For we exist in a wobbling, spinning orbit around a constantly exploding bomb called The Sun that while it warms us and provides us with the energy we need to exist, also delivers a lethal dose of radiation with every sun warmed beach and picnic spread. This radiation is blocked by the powerful magnetic field created mysteriously within the pyroclastic flow far beneath the surface we rarely venture off of. We are so dependent upon this that we do not question it or deal with it much at all. But if it goes away or wavers for even a short time, we will be Ramen Noodles in the microwave.

And yet we worry about mortgages and sick pets; we save money for vacations and shiny new toys to buy ourselves. Weird, huh?


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