Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day History

May Day History

May Day as a labor holiday started in this country in response to 19th century labor management conflicts.
Subsequently it spread across the world, especially in communist countries. 

Ever since, the U.S. business community has been distancing itself from the practice. 

May Day, U.S. version. 
Now immigrant as well as labor groups are using the holiday to promote their causes. Today, for example in downtown Los Angeles. 
Media sources are generally reporting the traffic disruption as the most cogent part of the story. 
Not optimism for the city and community. Not respect for the marchers and organizers for doing their hard work. And definitely not a call to join up and participate in this most democratica nd patriotic and legal public behavior that LIBERALLY applied, can almost guarantee success, peace, and prosperity for all of us. 

No, the May Day March is reported as a traffic story. Whadaya think about dat?

NB, ABC news gets my cudos for reporting the story as a social event.,0,1677621.story

May Day History

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