Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gasland 2 - Discussion Group

Gasland 2 - Discussion Group

If even half of what is claimed in Gasland 2 (2012), a new anti-fracking documentary, we all have to ditch our gas ovens and their nice, dependable blue cooking flames of joy. At least for a while.


I have been raised on "clean natural gas" my entire life in Southern California, and do not welcome the absence of the cleanest, cheapest and most dependable source of heating and cooking energy I have ever known. But as presented by Josh Fox in his sequel to Gasland (2010) the process is deeply flawed. The corporations promoting and carrying out this procedure of breaking rock deep underground with pressure and chemical infused water has raised many questions. Like, how true is it that the water of several people whose wells are near fracking activity is now undrinkable and flammable?

This guy thinks Gasland 2 is full of shit. Does he represent a drilling concern?

Is it true as claimed in the film that Fracking is exempt from federal Clean Water Act legislation?

ANGA, America's Natural Gas Alliance says there are inconsistencies in the film. Let's see? Who do they represent again? Should we have faith in their claims?

Is it true that there exists a relationship between Homeland Security and the Fracking industry through Tom Ridge, former Director of HS, and now a prominent lobbyist for fracking concerns, including stumping for them on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart?

Best to watch the film yourself, then talk with your friends, family and co-workers about it. Come back here and you will always find a place to post your thoughts, feelings, and questions.

I just realized I was baking with gas while I was writing this. I propose this: let's gain awareness of our current usage with an inventory. Keep track when you cook with gas, heat with gas, drive in or on a vehicle powered by natural gas. Learn if any of your electricity is produced by natural gas. Find out if the buildings you spend most of your time in use it. Once we gain an idea of how much we use the stuff, we may see we are in for a VERY big Jones.



Gasland 2, The Movie

Gasland 2 - Discussion Group

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