Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This comforts you, possibly?

This comforts you, possibly?

This comforts you, possibly? The idea and the practice of demeaning and reducing someone who responds to your statement negatively is a dead-end, as I am sure you have already realized. 

Apparently you have progressed further through the education system, and thrived to a certain extent, possibly as a public employee bureaucrat. Congratulations. 

Voting republican, and supporting the sort of environment current republicans are exhibiting, however, is extremely dangerous to the longevity of the environment that you thrived in and indeed for the country as a whole. 

More later. They're passing the bong around at the Food Stamp orgy.



"I apologize to the American people." HHS Secretary Sebelious in her opening statement to Congress. Showing integrity by admitting wrongness knowing she would be penalized for it, immediately and publicly. 

No transparency, no integrity, no competence from our executive and legislative branches as evidenced by HHS hearing

"Hold me responsible, Congresswoman. I am responsible."

Secretary Sebelius to Congresswoman today. 

Integrity as defined by the OED: 


Syllabification: (in·teg·ri·ty)
Pronunciation: /inˈtegritē/


  • 1the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness:he is known to be a man of integrity
  • 2the state of being whole and undivided:upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty
  •  the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction:the structural integrity of the novel
  •  internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data:[as modifier]:integrity checking


late Middle English (sense 2): from French intégrité or Latinintegritas, from integer 'intact' (see integer). Compare withentiretyintegral, and integrate

integrity in other Oxford dictionaries

Definition of integrity in the British & World English dictionary

I believe the Secretary. Furthermore, I believe that it took great discipline to listen and respond respectfully, almost without exception, under the force of determined discourtesy.
This comforts you, possibly?

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