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Treasonous, def. OED

Treasonous, def. OED

Pronunciation:  /ˈtriːz(ə)nəs/
Etymology:  < treason n. + -ous suffix.

  Full of or abounding in treason; characterized by treason or treachery; treasonable.

c1450 [see treasonously adv. at Derivatives].
1593   T. Nashe Christs Teares f. 66v,   Bannings, cursings, secrete murmurings, out-rage, murder, iniustice, all which are high treasonous trespasses against God.
a1616   Shakespeare Macbeth (1623) ii. iii. 131   Against the vndivulg'd pretence, I fight Of Treasonous Mallice.
1784   New Spectator No. 18. 3   To prohibit such and such pieces, that were blasphemous, libellous, or treasonous.
1875   W. Warburton Edward III i. 21   That he had trepanned the Earl of Kent into a treasonous conspiracy.



  ˈtreasonously adv. in a treasonous manner.

Treasonous, def. OED

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