Sunday, February 10, 2013

(notes) WTF with Lindsay Graham? (notes)

(notes) WTF with Lindsay Graham? (notes)

WTF with Lindsay Graham?
Benghazi sitll an issue?
Sour grapes
we will stop appointments ("put a hold on these nominations") until satisfied
whipping ignorant constituency into froth
say he was blowing the rugby team from Yale, and his staff mis-handled the first few actions. What now? You have the floor, Senator.

My sense is you would dismantle the country, law by law. You would run Obama out of office. You would eliminate any effect he has had. You would implant your people. You would implement your policies.

To what end?

To serve the Constitution? To serve the entire population?

It seems to me that the anti-Obama coalition is like a dog chasing cars. It knows what it wants (sort of). And it has no idea what to do when it gets it.

(notes) WTF with Lindsay Graham? (notes)

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