Monday, January 17, 2011

New Day Yesterday Is An Old Day Now

If you don't know Jethro Tull, the line may be new to you, but it is old, too, now. I am such a left-coaster: I rarely read the NYT, and I just learned about the Observer.
Anyway today it is blasts from both.

Rex Reed wrote a nice wrap on the year eulogizing dead people I hear little of and now wish for more.;f=27;t=13445
(although the link above is not a fan's page exactly)

And in NYT: turns out I was right about horoscopes:

and lots of other stuff.

Free University San Francisco extends a French experiment that has been playing out for two centuries.

Lang Lang and Hugo Chavez are not co-producers, but seem to be like-minded about linking music and education. See this weekend in San Francisco and the last ten years in Venezuela for details.

More from me later. Peace and Love and Big Tolerant Consciousness Out

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