Friday, January 14, 2011

Student athletes?

Today's Tavis had a blast from George Johnson about college football player Cam Newton. Now I have a total of 3 minutes of research into this story (George's blast), but I am very sensitive to the issue, as I think all of us should be. This is an education question.

Just what are student athletes for, anyway?

Are they just entertainers-in-training, risking their bodies in the pursuit of more physical injury to pursue a high-paying sports job?

Or are they something more than that?

I encourage all the young people around me to become STUDENT athletes. Classes first, sports after. When the game is over, or the injury occurs, then what? Then you put your education to work and join society in a deeper way, anchored by a firmer foundation built on discipline and long-term planning.

Much more on this later. C out.

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