Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Day After The Day

Feb 15
I am trying to decide whether to give up for an hour or so and watch TV. Within 10 seconds, I get these from the magic screen:
    1) Photos of Comet from NASA
    2) (something else entirely)
    3) ADHD diagnosis and test (one hand resting test)

It sounds like one of The Onion’s headlines: " Impulsivity, Hyperactivity and Innattention main factors for diagnosing ADHD". Aren't these the standard manifestations of childhood? ABC this morning had a story showing how a certain simple test of sign language skills can show ADHD tendencies. Well, this goes off in at least two directions for me:
3a) Personally I can try this and see what effect and truth there is for me here. Also I can explore trying this test with others as a means of self-exploration

    3b) Much more importantly, this is another herd mentality science lesson. Just follow the steps:
*Do none of the prep work ( Stay ignorant. )
*Apply a random test to yourself. 
*Interpret the test results without any baseline, placebos, constants or any scientific method at all.  
*Misdiagnose yourself. 
*Take your shitty diagnosis to a Dr. working for a drug company. 
*Take more drugs. 
*Ignore the drugs and move onto something else. 
*Give up. 

On the NASA front: The comet is being photographed and packaged for us in a way that I could not have imagined in my youth. Let me remember how things have changed, how they can change and that PEOPLE are the vehicles FOR change.

I wonder what the middle thing was...any big news today? Oh! There goes the pager! DW out

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  1. Oh yeah. $17B decision against Chevron. Purchaser of Texaco loses battle to avoid paying for Amazon destruction during normal course of business of oil exploration and recovery.