Friday, February 11, 2011

HWH rises from the ashes with Freerange Lower Love Show

Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas 2/11/2011

In addition to another reading from John Updike's "Sandstone Farmhouse," this week's show included local news for the bay area and a quick primer on how you can run your own African country: Eat Chocolate!

Okay, okay! I relent! Keith Olbermann did break new ground by reading James Thurber long before Douglas Douglas read anything at all on the Hard Work Hour. Okay? Okay. Now get back to work.

Egypt Youthquake

Chocolate is the drug of choice and the engine behind a bloody and chaotic months-long election/riot/revolution/civil-war process that is claiming many lives and dollars right now in Ivory Coast. If you eat chocolate, you are a part of it.

No one claimed this week's prize: "...Love me! Hate me! Just let me know you're there!.." is from Cool Hand Luke delivered by Paul Newman. 

That's it! DD

Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas 2/11/2011

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