Friday, February 4, 2011

New Bottom for HWH

Today marked a new low for The Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas.\ (Fridays 9:30-9:45am PST, Blog Talk Radio, Listen to the broadcast here).

Previously marked by high journalistic standards, the show today fell from its lofty perch atop the pile of web based radio shows with a purpose and came to rest on its Hard Working Ass.

The show this week started well, and typically, with a wandering but well-intended monologue. This week, though the host, Douglas Douglas soon ran out of brain gas and punctuated his rambling with long pauses and nonsensical mumblings.

Check in next week, Friday at 9:30am PST for more breaking news on this front.

Next week's promised feature "Shibley on Education" a speech about why to go to college from Professor David Shibley.

Writer's Almanac link

Harvard link

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