Monday, August 13, 2012

Paul and camping

Bob Schiefer (CBS news) says that Paul Ryan is a nice guy and is well-liked on Capitol Hill.

Well, that is great. I am all for civility in and out of the smoke-filled back rooms. Wait, IS there smoke in those rooms anymore? With Ryan being a listed power-player who claims to have eight percent body fat, I doubt it. Probably filtered water and bible verses for sustenance.

Anyway, Ryan is under the microscope and on the megaphone right now as his weekend announcement for vice-Mitt status is out and free-ranging the infonet.

I just bristle when I see his disturbingly blue eyes telling me that what we need now is another republican. That the guy in the chair is doing EVERYTHING wrong. That President Barack Obama has NO RECORD to speak of in Washington and therefore attacks Romney because of the vacuum that is his own resume. That Romney's public record is one of building hope for the common worker and their family. That Bain Capital's business statement was something like: "We will serve the common man even if we lose money." That Mitt Freakshow Romney is the proper choice for the lead-crystal-teeter-totter-high-wire balancing act that is the world economy right now. That Governor Romney has any idea of diplomacy, representing people he disagrees with, and not pouring petrol on pyres.

Representative Ryan is probably a good guy. I bet he is a hard worker, who pours himself into protecting the world he sees and the people in it. I bet he knows a lot of stuff I don't. He may even know about team-building and compromise. How else do you have friends on both sides of the aisle?

I bet he would be a good guy to have on a camping trip. He would have a good tent and his kids would be well-behaved. He would chop wood, haul water and lend a hand when needed. And this IS a camping trip we are all on. And we are all needed to make this a good process and a good camp. Campsite Pennsylvania Avenue is under siege within and without. Our president and our country need our support right now. And by support I mean we ALL should take five or ten minutes EVERY WEEK UP UNTIL NOVEMBER FIFTH, to be good citizens and really look at our choices and the recent history. Three and a half years ago we elected our first black president and he was given what is in an ordinary year the hardest job on the planet.

But for him it was worse. If it was a relay race he was a middle-legger with a bad handoff. Bad as in the baton was lit on fire and thrown out of the stadium bad. And what he did -- well spoken and with a big smile on his face -- was he got that baton, he put out the fire, he got on the track and he finished the race. I believe in a hundred years Barack Obama will be seen as one of our best presidents. I am not so sure of  his predecessor's status. And Mr. Ryan is telling us we need more republican ideology, whatever that is. I just know that I am going to pour everything I have into convincing anyone who will listen that he is NOT the best choice in November.

I am glad he is well-liked in Washington. I will dig a little and see what his constituents in Wisconsin have to say about him. Maybe he will be an easy target like the AWOL governor of Alaska was last cycle. But I doubt it. The race is tight, according to the polls, and the voters are scared. Many, MANY of them -- of us -- believe that President Barack Obama has been a terrible president and that ANYBODY would be an improvement. Given that AnyBodyButBarackdotcom mentality, Romney looks okay, I guess.

But I think Mitt Romney would be a LOUSY guy to have in your campsite. I think he would make stupid mistakes. I think he would smile and have a clean shirt and NO CLUE of what was needed in the camp. I think he would hurt himself chopping wood and have to be rescued. I think the water he pulled out of the river would need to be boiled twice. He would get blisters on the hike and have to turn back. Drop his food in the dirt and need to share yours. Nice but out of place. Just like he is on every stop on the campaign trail that isn't a board room.

Good luck Representative Ryan. You have hitched your wagon to an interesting horse. Good luck to both of you gentlemen. Please run the good race. Please understand and acknowledge that the guy you are running against has been in the chair for a long time now and we all are still here. Good luck Mr. Ryan. As far as I can tell, you are not off to much of a start. Good luck to us all.

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