Friday, August 24, 2012

Zuckerberg and Facebook stock price means what?

Facebook stock price reflects integrity of Zuckerberg? 

Maybe, just maybe Facebook creator and Genius In Chief, 

Mark Zuckerberg has stuck to his guns to keep Facebook 

free forever. Like he has always said: "Always had it. Always 

will." Perhaps his new partners, the rich-since-before-the-

pilgrims class takes some exception to this "stand by your 

work and your word" policy of MZ. Maybe he is getting

hammered to charge fees and produce revenue now, in this 

quarter, by doing things he swore he never would. Social 

Network plotlines notwithstanding, those close to 

Zuckerberg since before going public have no response to 

allegations that large investors are pushing HARD to charge 

fees NOW. MZ's flat refusal may have prompted Peter Thiel, 

one of Facebook's early investors to bail and dump his 20M 

shares, settling for a mere +$400,000,000.00 sale price. 

News of insider trades dumping large holdings seem to 

support idea that Mark is not making the New Money happy 

on the business page, on the street, and in the board room. 

Cause for cheer? Well, like the farmer said, "Maybe yes, 

maybe no."

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