Friday, April 19, 2013

Cheering here on the west coast?

 Cheering here on the west coast? 

Anybody else confused?

Yes, it is extremely warm and wonderful to see the community of Watertown come together and cheer their protectors after a day of lockdowns, but...

A strong part of me is, like the farmer at the fence. You know? The old, "maybe yes, maybe no" thing.

This very emotion. These very strong feelings are exactly what we want to remove from the process of bringing justice to wrongdoers and safety to communities. 

I have lots of distance from the crime. I am a runner, though. And I can sort of imagine the GIANT disconnect of being blown up at the end of a four hour run. Scratch that. Can't imagine it. But I can explore the theory of justice and that does NOT involve crowds of people. It happens in small rooms, without emotion, with transparency and an eye towards past, present and future safety of all concerned. I am just getting my thoughts together. I would love to see yours here in the next few weeks and months as this thing goes through the courts.

Whadaya think?

DD out

Cheering here on the west coast?

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