Friday, April 5, 2013

Hannibal Up And Running

Work in a little Glenn Gould, Bach, Goldberg Variations, just like in Silence.

Morpheus seems good and edgy as Jack Crawford, and they got a new face (Hugh Dancy) to play Will Graham as a self-described borderline personality somewhere under the Asperger's Umbrella. Much different than whatsisnames laid-back sailor in Red Dragon.

Promising open. Very promising...


  1. I especially like Fishburne's Crawford. Much more cop-like demeanor matching my personal experience. Rough. Aggressive. Overly so, even. He mocks Graham as he pleas for his help: "So you hitched your wagon to a TEACHING post," he digs. "Where are you on the spectrum?"

  2. The silences, and the rolling industrial music bring us along with Graham in his misery and empathy. With him in bed, even, as he comforts himself with bath towels to avoid the sweat-soaked sheets. It works. The feeling is right, and oh, so wrong.