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Hawthorne, CA Walmart protest 8/9/13 - 11 am

Hawthorne, CA Walmart protest 8/9/13 - 11 am

Feel free to join in, or honk support. We will be broadcasting live on Blog Talk Radio show, Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas. Archived on Blogger at Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas, too.

Right next to the Del Taco in between Marine and Rosecrans on Inglewood Boulevard in beautiful Hawthorne, California. This town is growing, adapting, and dealing with 21st century economic realities and we don't need Walmart at all! Every single thing they sell here is available at a competing local business which is suffering under the competitive weight of gargantuan Walmart's unwanted presence.

Feel free, too, to let your elected representatives know what you think about your community and Walmart's history of killing local businesses. Links below may help some.

Archived on Blogger at Hard Work Hour with Douglas Douglas, too.

Namaste, people! And get back to work!

DD out

Elected representatives for this area include, but are not limited to:

 Congressional Representatives:

     Maxine Waters

     Henry Waxman

Governor Jerry Brown

Senator Diane Feinstein

Senator Barbara Boxer

President Barak Obama 

Project Vote Smart for your neighborhood. 

Planning my upcoming Walmart Protest. Any thoughts?
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  • Douglas John Douglas They pay so little that LOTS of their employees need welfare to survive.
  • Douglas John Douglas A new Walmart opened up close to my home in Hawthorne and I am going to do something to demonstrate how pissed I am about that.
  • Douglas John Douglas Maybe I will do live broadcast of my Friday morning radio show from the Walmart parking lot!,0,7131028.story
    Thirty workers walked off the job Wednesday at the warehouse of a luggage suppli...See More
  • Cheryl Williamson Isn't it "funny" that companies can put up cameras to spy on their own workers and even fire them because they talk to each other... I wonder, How much do the camera's cost?? versus cleaning out air ducts, putting in better ventilation, have good drinking water, just an overall Healthier work place.... Walmart is a big Lie!! When it first got here in America, they were suppose to sell only American made products, Can't find anything American made there... So think about all of those Pesticides, Germicides, and every other chemical's that may have or should have been sprayed on to these products. Not to mention, truck and forklift fumes...These companies know you are poor and can't hire Lawyers They do NOT want people to band together, People have forgotten how hard it was and how hard it was for the unions to fight for better working conditions.... It looks like Walmart is dragging it all backwards.
  • Douglas John Douglas Yes, CW, I think the union angle is my godson's point of attack. I am more concerned with it being shortsighted from a consumer point of view. Walmart saves us a few bucks, and we can purchase many things in one location, but it undercuts all the competition, which are our friends and neighbors from our community. Then they charge whatever they like. I want the Walmart clients to consider that saving a few dollars may not be serving their best interests.
  • Douglas John Douglas Also important to both of us, is the "injustice factor." The reality that our money from the Walmart registers is going into the already vast, almost incalculable wealth of the top ten heirs to Sam Walton. So far, I am unimpressed with their money management skills. I think a little more "Bill Gates Style" philanthropy might keep the picket sign out of my hands.
  • Douglas John Douglas Anyway, this Friday, from 11:00 am to noon, the two of us will be on the sidewalks the Walmart clients will drive past on their way to park. Hopefully we can spur on some thought and some conversation. Wish us luck!
  • Douglas John Douglas Walmart on Inglewood Ave in Hawthorne, CA.

Also linked at Commander Nineteen at Blogger.

Hawthorne, CA Walmart protest 8/9/13 - 11 am

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