Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Did Ye Gather Ye Rosebuds, Scott Weiland? (Giant Buzzkill Warning)

Did Ye Gather Ye Rosebuds, Scott Weiland?

From Pearl concert review June, 2013:

"...A loud siren rang before the band’s encore. It was a warning to fans to lower expectations."

Total concurrance for Viper show 8/3/13 in Hollywood, with these small addendae:

Lowering expectations would have really helped general enjoyment of the show, but about half of the massively overed crowd seemed to have a pretty good time anyway. 

What the fuck with letting 500 people in this god damn place? 

Adjustment to expectations seemed to help the warm up acts, which both eclipsed Team Weiland for continuity and purpose. First, a guy trying to look like the Depeche Mode Guy sang pretty good in a Black  Crowes kinda way several unidentified songs while talking up Weiland's history and influence. (Hindsight: Best Band of The Night By Far. They had a little fun, and their drummer kicked a little ass. Less when we realized she was a guy.)

They were followed by some guys from Sweden, fronted by a guy that looked like the guitarist from Road House, the main differences being that this guy couldn't play, couldn't sing, and wasn't blind. They, (ahem) SUCKED ASS, but did a good job occupying the physical space left by Weiland being nowhere near ready. 

By the time Weiland took the stage around midnight, I was ready to end my sobriety. But it was like, "I have been doing it for so long. Why stop now?" Had my clasutrophobia been a little more medicated, I may have well bailed for the Sunset concert to check on why I hate Linkin Park so much, but I stayed. 

Mr. Weiland may be employing the same logic to our detriment. The band he fronted was pretty tight, with occasional strong licks from lead guitarist Steve Jones of Sex Pistols fame. But the clearly-no-longer-young Mr. Weiland was incredibly invasive and destructive of any moments of continuity his mates may have established. 

Scott Weiland had long been a shining city on a hill of late 20th century rock stars. he partied, he carved a line through the media, and he clearly struggled with existing on earth. He had a good run, but it is clearly over. My hopes for him remain high. I hope you got lots of flowers, sir, and that you find something else to do with what is left of your creativity. 

Did Ye Gather Ye Rosebuds, Scott Weiland?

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